Khadija Gbla

Desert Flower South Australia Ambassador & Educator

Khadija Gbla is a high profile, passionate and inspiring African Australian woman. She is an award-winning human rights activist, inspirational speaker, facilitator and philanthropist. She has displayed great courage and determination in achieving her aspirations of giving women, youth and minority groups a voice at a local, state and international level. Khadija utilises her powerful and inspired voice to advocate equality and inclusion.

Khadija Gbla was born in Sierra Leone, spent her youth in Gambia, and as a teenager settled in Australia. Khadija was just 3 years old when the war broke out in her country, Sierra Leone and 10 years later they attained refugee status and resettled in Adelaide. Khadija provides advocacy, training, speaking on domestic and family violence, sexual health, racism, human rights, mental health, migrants and refugees and cultural diversity through her cultural consultancy, Khadija Gbla Cultural Consultancy.

Khadija is the lead voice and campaigner on Female Genital Mutilation in Australia. Khadija provides training for professionals, advocacy and community education for practising communities in Australia. Khadija is also a TEDx speaker with close to 3 Million views on her talk, “My mother’s strange definition of empowerment”.

Lucy Gitsham

Desert Flower South Australia Transgender Ambassador & Educator

Lucy Gitsham is a local photographic artist and trailblazing Trans activist, pioneering access to the latest medical services.

She made history by being the first Australian to gain access to the revolutionary ‘peritoneum vaginoplasty’ technique (commonly referred to as PPV), and was the first international patient at Mount Sinai in New York, USA to receive this technique, performed by world renown and pioneering surgeon Dr Jess Ting, a technique that is fast becoming the gold standard in trans women’s GCS (gender confirmation surgery). She was also the first patient involved in regenerative medical treatment for post-gender reassignment surgery, and is trail blazing the way for voice feminisation surgery which is gaining traction in Australia.

Lucy continues to push boundaries in making cutting edge appropriate medical care available to the Transgender community with assistance and services from Dr Willison and Desert Flower Centre SA, which provides a holistic approach to the health of these women who deserve care like any other woman does.