Desert Flower South Australia liaises with PsychMed to offer survivors of FGM Psychological counselling and support.

Psychmed is a leading provider of evidenced based Psychological treatment programs. We are a community based service organisation with no religious affiliation.

PsychMed provides complimentary specialised and articulated evidenced based Psychological treatment programs for community based primary contact agencies and partners such as General Practices, Mental Health Service, CAMHS, DPTI, DCSI, DASSA, The Salvation Army, Anglicare, Centacare, Uniting Care Wesley, Relationships Australia, Autism SA, Yarrow Place, Victims of Crime.

PsychMed is committed to social equity and supporting the community and believes that everyone is entitled to receive professional treatment from experienced clinical psychologists regardless of their religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, social, economic circumstances or Geographical location.

Dr Quentin Black

Clinical Psychologist and Medical Practitioner

I would like to leave this world a better place for my children and yours. I am passionate about advocacy and care of those most disadvantaged and in need in our community. I am committed to promoting excellence in evidenced based mental health services, teaching and research.

Dr Jane Oakes

Nurse, MHSc, PhD

Dr Jane Oakes is a program facilitator and clinical lead at PsychMed, the largest provider of mental health and addiction services in SA. She has previously held senior positions including the Gambling Services Co-ordinator for Turning Point’s National Telephone and Online Services and the Gambling Topic Coordinator and lecturer within the Master of Addictive behaviours at Monash University and Flinders University. She has expertise in using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for the treatment of trauma, anxiety disorders, gambling, alcohol and drug addictions and depression. She has a keen interest in the treatment of gambling addictions and anxiety disorders having published articles and given invited presentations and workshops in this area both nationally and internationally. Jane’s PhD examined relapse in Electronic Gaming Machine Gambling.

Evelyn Black

Business Manager PsychMed, Provisional Psychologist

Evelyn has been part of the psychology industry for many years, and has a real passion for supporting access and equity and overcoming prejudice faced by many people in our society, partly through her personal experiences. Evelyn sustained a serious spinal cord injury and as a result has lived experience of the biopsychosocial effects of disability and chronic pain.

She has spent much of her early career developing innovative and inclusive programs, including Australian first clinical trials in mental health and addiction. She has recently completed undergraduate study in psychology, her graduate honours thesis is a meta-analysis of the prevalence of opioid use in people with spinal cord injuries.

She is currently working on the development of a new website and application to support people with gambling and gaming addiction and significant others. She has been fortunate enough to work with high need and complex clients and closely with psychologists ranging from those in training to very experienced practitioners, which has assisted her in having comprehensive grounding in the profession and its practice, assessment protocols and use of evidence-based interventions, research, as well as assisting with important issues such as inclusivity, access, cultural competency and work across the lifespan.

Dr Samantha Angelakis

Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead Trauma team

Apoorva Madan

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Alexis Wheeler

Clinical Psychologist

Ellie McCarron

Provisional Psychologist